The history of the indieFINANCIALnetwork starts in 1984, when Rick Kennell struck out on his own. He was an exclusive player in the music industry for over 20 years. Rick has spent time as a major label recording artist, a producer, an engineer and a tour manager. He shared a rehearsal room with Peter Gabriel and shared several recording studios with legendary producers Ken Scott and Eddie Kramer. He shared stages back in the day with artists such as Renaissance, Foreigner, Rick Derringer, Hot Tuna, Larry Coryell and Gato Barbieri. He produced and engineered a project which got an artist signed to Atlantic Records - and he logged over 300,000 miles as mix engineer and road manager.

Eventually, Rick got tired of the road - and he focused on the areas of music industry accounting and finance. Several friends and ex-band members enlisted Rick to handle the purse strings for their projects. Rick found a niche and a strong connection to this line of work. In 1986 he hooked up with Lawrence Blau, now LL Financial Services, LLC who were focused in the area of small business accounting. He quickly worked his way up to full partner at the firm - by hard work and adapting to the demands of the business - and by bringing in a stable of music clientele. However, in 1992, he realized that he wanted to focus exclusively on the music industry - and he opted to strike out on his own. Rick still works with Mr. Blau - utilizing his expertise in the areas of Tax Planning, Financial Planning and income tax preparation.

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Rick soon realized that there were a number of smaller music companies that needed CFO-type guidance and management, but didn't need a full-time CFO. Rick's background and relationships, combined with his financial acumen - made him a perfect candidate to assume the CFO role for these smaller companies. Over the years, Rick has worked with a variety of bands, solo artists, management companies, record labels, foundations and music publishing concerns. He has worked on business plans and "run the numbers" - giving solid advice to numerous companies in the music industry.

Rick celebrated 35 years in business last summer, and he is proud of what he has been able to accomplish. It's a cluttered and demanding business - and Rick's experience in wearing different hats, gives him an edge that few CPA firms can challenge. Rick loves to keep the business a small and exclusive boutique. His clients tend to be long-term and generally morph into friends. Those friends over time evolve into family - and that is exactly the way he likes it.

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